Relax and Renew™ Restorative Yoga

By using yoga poses and props, like bolsters, blankets, and pillows, a quiet space, time and a trusted teacher, you can loosen the grip of anxiety, stress, insomnia and pain.
In a world that glorifies “busyness”,  we think it wrong to be still and nurture our body or mind.

If we keep “going” nonstop, eventually our bodies/minds will stop us.
Taking the time for our own wellness, on a regular basis, should be a priority.

Relax and Renew™ is not an exercise class. It is a method for supporting the body in yoga poses, staying in each posture for a period of time, allowing the body to loosen, relax, and let go.

It is recommended for PTSD, depression, anxiety, insomnia, pain, and for those that can’t slow down or relax.

Please refer to the R&R Blog page for more detailed information and photos.