An ancient collection of physical poses that can be adapted to any human being;
physically challenged, limited mobility, young, old, stiff, limber, large, small;
anyone can achieve a  wider range of movement, become more limber,
feel more at ease in their body, and breathe more deeply and relax fully.

Deborah Anthony Ouderkirk, 200hrRYT
Central New York Region USA


Namaste! Welcome to everyBODYyoga,

I am a 200hr Registered Yoga Teacher and have been teaching for ten+ years and practicing for 30+ years.  I have had my share of physical challenges. Yoga and meditation practices have been my source of strength, vitality, and wellness.  A consistent yoga practice makes life sweeter and allows us to take our stress down a notch and  experience more joy, relaxation and contentment in the everyday.

Sharing this with other humans is what I love to do.

Thanks for visiting!

About My Practice

Certified  2014: 200hr RYT Infinite Light Yoga Teacher.

ILY joins yoga poses and breath work seamlessly.

My extensive verbal descriptions during class can allow students to move and breathe without any visual cues necessary.


Certified  2015: Relax and Renew Yoga, an AMAZING restorative form of yoga for deep relaxation. R and R is helpful with anxiety and depression and for humans that have a difficult time relaxing. I facilitate Relax and Renew in a ONE on ONE basis or in a group of no more than 4, assuring personal attention.


Certified 2017: Connected Warriors Trauma Sensitive Yoga Teacher. Offering FREE OF CHARGE yoga classes for veterans and their families. For survivors of trauma, just being in a group setting/class can be difficult. CW yoga offers inclusion and a physical practice with sensitivity to triggers and discomfort for Veterans.



Comment: I am loving Debbie’s classes. Being new to yoga I am amazed at how great I feel during and afterward. I marvel that I am able to do what I can do. Debbie certainly is not intimidating…rather she is calm and speaks soothingly during our class. I leave with a sense of peace and renewal..Just what I need in my busy life. Thanks Debbie. Cathy M.

Comment: I have done ‘yoga for food’ on Sat, since the beginning (8.5 yrs). A very worthwhile way to spend a sat morning. Deb is sensitive to the needs of those in her class, providing guidance with every position. I have less body aches and more flexibility. Thanks Deb for your dedication to our YOGA for FOOD class!!����‍♀️ Cathy C.


If you have been toying with the idea of yoga but aren’t sure what i would be like in a class setting:
So let me tell you about the yoga class today…everyBODYyoga is just that…for everybody.  The class was very light and relaxed. Deborah explained each and every step so completely that I didn’t have to look at her to know what I should be doing. (She states this on her website, but I had to see it for myself) The class was just long enough and by the end I knew I would be making this a regular part of my health care routine. Julie B.

Comment: My favorite hour of the week! I’m new to yoga. Deb’s classes are safe and enjoyable, as she is in tune with our individual speeds and limitations. Talks us through correct breathing techniques, with full and steady breaths. Stretches are amazing! Poses leave me feeling calm and centered. I didn’t realize I could do this, and I’m hooked! Thanks Deb! Namaste. Denise R.

Comment: I started Debbie’s class as a beginner and have advanced right along. She goes step by step with all the poses her voice is so soothing and very calming. I would highly recommend everyBODYyoga! R. Ingham

Comment: I am new to Deb’s classes and I must say that although I have practiced yoga for several years now at different locations and with various instructors, I feel that I have finally found a “home” which is calm and spiritual with a dash of fun thrown in for good measure! I appreciate Deb’s awareness of her craft and of her student’s abilities and the way in which she weaves them seamlessly together in one productive hour. Next October cannot come fast enough:) Holly A.I have TOTALLY enjoyed taking more than several sessions of Yoga with Deborah Ouderkirk. Deb’s total demeanor demonstrates a commitment to Yoga and inspiring spiritual development. Deb’s voice, style and actions reflect a calm, educational, and physical presence that is difficult to put into words. One just feels such a powerful peace!
I cannot imagine a more qualified and engaging instructor of Yoga! Holly A.

I have TOTALLY enjoyed taking more than several sessions of Yoga with Deborah Ouderkirk. Deb’s total demeanor demonstrates a commitment to Yoga and inspiring spiritual development. Deb’s voice, style and actions reflect a calm, educational, and physical presence that is difficult to put into words. One just feels such a powerful peace!
I cannot imagine a more qualified and engaging instructor of Yoga! M.Nash


My intro to Yoga techniques has been very positive and resulted in an appetite for more! Darlene B.

Deb’s everyBODY yoga class is in a way, life changing. We have a class with her every Monday at work, and the feedback is incredible!

Amy S.

The relax and renew continues beyond the class time. I continue to use these relaxation positions in my own practice. Thank you!

April B

Current Classes

YOGA FOR FOOD and CONNECTED WARRIORS are running as scheduled

*IMPORTANT* i am fortunate to use St Pauls and Floyd Methodist churches for everyBODYyoga. However, there is NO RELIGIOUS COMPONENT in my classes. All humans are welcome.



January 14-April ?

Classic Yoga on Tuesdays 9:30 a.m. at Dance 10 Studio, Route 12 Barneveld


January -February 2020

8  (1 hour) classic yoga classes, investment $88.00 / begins January 9, ends December 18

DROP INS also welcome @$13.00 per class
Thursdays @ 4:45 p.m.
St. Pauls Annex, Bedford St. Rome, NY


Begins on October 19, 2019, ends on March 28, 2020
Saturdays at 8:45 a.m.-9:45 a.m. Floyd Methodist Church, rt 365, Floyd, NY
Drop in class, $7.00 donation supports Foothills Rural Food Pantry


Connected Warriors Yoga
On going  DROP IN CLASS on Wednesdays @ 3:15
Rome VA Clinic, Brookley Road, Rome, NY
FREE to veterans, their families, and VA employees and volunteers



Classic Yoga, Relax and Renew, and One on One personal sessions are available by appointment year round. Please contact me for pricing on private classes

Thank you to my students, new and continuing. I am grateful to have spent time on our yoga journeys together!

Please call for credit card payment or mail payment.

NEW STUDENTS, please prepay to reserve your spot. 

(checks made out to d.a. ouderkirk) with name and phone # to

D.A. Ouderkirk  pob 147  Holland patent, ny 13354

or contact Deborah @ 315 335 1967



Relax and Renew™ Restorative Yoga

By using yoga poses and props, like bolsters, blankets, and pillows, a quiet space, time and a trusted teacher, you can loosen the grip of anxiety, stress, insomnia and pain.
In a world that glorifies “busyness”,  we think it wrong to be still and nurture our body or mind.

If we keep “going” nonstop, eventually our bodies/minds will stop us.
Taking the time for our own wellness, on a regular basis, should be a priority.

Relax and Renew™ is not an exercise class. It is a method for supporting the body in yoga poses, staying in each posture for a period of time, allowing the body to loosen, relax, and let go.

It is recommended for PTSD, depression, anxiety, insomnia, pain, and for those that can’t slow down or relax.

Please refer to the R&R Blog page for more detailed information and photos.

Infinite Light Yoga

Infinite Light Yoga was created by Tony Riposo, who was trained in the Kripalu tradition. After many years of learning, practicing and teaching, his practice evolved into Infinite Light Yoga, his own trademark style.

It is, in essence, an experience that everyone in the room can participate in. With the use of detailed language while teaching, even a beginner would be able to do poses with their eyes closed.

my yoga LINEAGE

Deborah Ouderkirk

Tony Riposo

Steven Hartman

Amrit Desai

Swami Kripalu


to Shiva.

I am blessed to be a part of the Infinite Light Yoga tradition.

Contact Me

Please do contact me with any questions or comments – I welcome testimonials or reviews from anyone who has been a part of my practice!